News and Analysis (5/18/12)

“Islamic law and traditions embrace the principle of providing protection to those who seek asylum,” and “forbids the forced return of those asylum seekers. Both of these principles are cornerstones of international refugee law” — Antonio Guterres, UN High Commissioner for Refugees …

… but with the burden falling on “those least able to carry it,” the international ministerial conference on “Refugees in the Muslim World” is “brainstorming ideas on how to improve conditions in countries from where people are displaced”:

Kuwait’s ruler has blocked a proposal by 31 of the 50 elected members of parliament to amend the constitution to make all legislation in the Gulf Arab state comply with Islamic law, an MP said yesterday:

In “calling on the ulama to come up with “rebuttals to counter” Irshad’s ideas” and for her explulsion from Malaysia, is the president of the Persatuan confessing that “he has, himself, no answer to her points of view? And having no answer, his solution then is to have her shoo-ed out of the country, so no one gets to hear her views?”

A token in several respects, the newly appointed “mouthpiece for ‘Hollandism'” is a woman, an immigrant, and an unobservant Muslim:

The proposal for a Gulf Union was the main topic at this week’s GCC summit. Although no final decisions were made, Bahrain, whose unrest prompted movement toward a union, continues to struggle with its triangle of conflict:

“Presiding judge Alphons Orie said he was delaying the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal case due to “significant disclosure errors” by prosecutors, who are obliged to share all evidence with Mladic’s lawyers” and that “judges will analyze the ‘scope and full impact’ of the problem and aim to set a new starting date as soon as possible:

“We do believe there is time. Some time, not an unlimited amount of time. But at a certain point, we may have to make a judgment that the diplomacy will not work,” said United States ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, concerning Iran’s  nuclear program.”

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