News and Analysis (7/1/08)

“The government’s long pattern of retaliation against Dr. Al-Arian has now degraded further into raw thuggery”–Jonathan Turley, legal counsel for Sami Al-Arian:

Coerced evidence and hearsay were allowed at Guantanamo tribunal for the Yemeni Saudi who was tortured into confessing to murder and conspiracy…

…while an Iranian businessman confesses to charges of espionage in light of growing tensions over nuclear weapons:

U.S. operation violates agreement where security responsibilities in Karbala have already been turned over to Iraqi authorities:

Mirroring U.S. policies, the new Pakistani government abandons negotiation strategies for military action in the Taliban-heavy Afghan border region:

Revival of Algerian militancy and cooperation with al-Qaeda’s al-Zarqawi is described as a “corporate merger:”

Somalis displaced by civil war demand renewal of identification cards that permit employment and freedom of movement:

President asks Indonesians to file complaints if law enforcement plays political favorites in upcoming election:

Non-government entity storing sensitive archives of former Baathist supporters receives criticism for unlawful seizure of the documents:






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