News and Analysis (7/2/08)

French and Syrian heads of state meet in advance of Mediterranean Summit, reflecting an improvement in the two influential countries’ relations regarding Lebanon:

Iran’s Foreign Minister recognizes the US public’s aversion to yet another war…

…while Secretary Rice’s proposal for a US interests-section in Tehran meets skepticism regarding the sincerity of a possible policy shift toward diplomacy and multilateralism:

Recognizing the importance of education, local communities in Somali war-zones pool together resources to rebuild schools…

…while the US uses the dangerous humanitarian aid situation as a pretext to organize African Union forces in Al-Qaeda’s African stronghold:

While Western companies look to acquire Iraqi oil field contracts, the resource-rich nation still lacks the infrastructure to distribute its own gas and electricity:

Israel loosens restrictions on commercial goods crossing the border, perhaps allowing the reconstruction of destroyed Palestinian infrastructure:

A move away from social conservatism in Egypt’s censorship board allows film-makers to approach more controversial topics and strive for foreign markets:

An Indonesian legislator advises the Corruption Eradication Commission to expand its bribery investigation of his colleague:






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