News and Analysis (6/13/12)

Taking its cue from the US’s NDAA detention provisions?

Unrest plagues even Tunisia whose experience with the Arab Spring has been long listed as an example of success. The new regime’s policy of freedom of expression for all is now challenged by the acts and assertions of the Salafists within its borders:
Liberals in Egypt continue to feel marginalized and demand more representation, efforts that have been delaying the handover of power to the future Egyptian president:
Erdogan is “launching a new front in the culture war and I think politically this will serve him, because a majority of the country is probably against abortion” — Mustafa Akyol:

In the deadliest day in Iraq since Jan. 5, when a wave of bombings killed 78 people, sectarian conflict persists as terrorists target the annual pilgrimage that sees hundreds of thousands of Shiites converge on a golden-domed shrine in Baghdad to commemorate the eighth century death of a revered Shiite saint:

The Iraqi Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has stopped dealing with US archeology and exploration teams because the US administration has failed to fulfill its promises to return Iraqi antiquities that were transported to the US by the US forces in 2003:

The war drums over Syria reach a disturbing crescendo in terms of slanted news reports, dubious and even hypocritical (given U.S. armaments to Israel used against civilians in Gaza and Lebanon) accusations against Syria’s allies and threats of unilateral intervention:

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