News and Analysis (7/17/08)

As Hizbullah supporters see it, the recent release of detainees proves that Israel only understands force:

US Secretary of Defense cites military performance of civilian tasks and lack of attention to economic and political growth as the chief reasons for failure in Iraq and Afghanistan:

Iranian investment in Afghanistan creates industrial improvements, but US officials see it as a sort of proxy war maneuver:

Disputes between urban politicians and tribal leaders demonstrate different interpretations of government:

Saudi oil money is directed toward the construction of brand new cities to prepare for a post-petroleum economy and to attract science and research:

Increasing debt burden and inflation in Pakistan parallels growing uncertainty on the political scene:

Released on bail, Anwar Ibrahim now demands a copy of the police report containing what looks to be politically conceived allegations against him:

Egyptian man in Spanish Al Qaeda-inspired group will not be convicted twice for the same involvement in a terrorist organization:

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