News and Analysis (7/23/08)

Sectarian disputes over the oil-rich Kirkuk province paralyze the Iraqi electoral process…

… meanwhile the US ignores the underlying political and socio-economic problems, using military gains as a standard for success in the country:

Faced with the real-world situation in Afghanistan, Canadians focus on building infrastructure and shifting security responsibilities to locals:

Concern over increased civilian casualties causes American forces to take extra care in unplanned attacks and practice patience in capturing Taliban:

Former national security advisers fear keeping force as an ultimatum in Iranian nuclear discussions might legitimize an Israeli attack or commit the US to unaffordable action:

A departure of Palestinian security as a response to persistent Israeli attacks during peace talks would unleash armed political groups:

Moderate who attended peace talks and agreed to ceasefire with Ethiopia is pushed to the side in an Somali extremist’s power grab:

As risk-takers start to rebuild accommodations, Iraq’s tourism minister looks first to attract determined religious pilgrims:






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