News and Analysis (7/24/08)

Britain would like the current Hamas-Israel ceasefire to inspire major world powers to engage in dialogue with the militant group:

China’s has exaggerated Olympics terror threat to justify harsh control in Muslim Uighur territory:

Muslim Brotherhood declares law dealing with children’s legal status and health issues a move to force non-Islamic standards on Egyptians:

State-owned oil shippers cut off oil flows to Switzerland in response to assault accusations against leader Muamma Gaddafi’s son:

Despite years of improved relations between the two countries, Pakistan threatens a rebirth of its arms race if US-India deal over nuclear energy goes through…

…while the US finances F-16s meant to counter Afghan insurgency, but are in fact more useful against India:

Senior counternarcotics official finds Afghanistan’s government deeply involved with protecting the opium trade:

Brothers establishing HIV/Aids education and prevention programs are detained, despite cooperating with the government and religious leaders:

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