News and Analysis (7/25/08)

Guantanamo detainee who provided information is now charged by the US in a court that does not recognize the right against self-incrimination:

As sectarian strife continues, new unity government in Lebanon tackles the issue of militia weapons:

Iraqi President calls for inter-religious dialogue and encourages Christian refugees to return to Iraq to be part of the social framework:

Fearing sectarian political interference, International Olympic Committee bars most Iraqi athletes from the games:

Jordanian queen uses the Internet to engage with the West and promote moderate Islam:

Turning the tables in “Great Game” tradition, insurgent groups may now be using attacks by foreign forces to eliminate their opponents:

Uncertainty surrounding the new coalition government, judicial crisis, and Taliban insurgency drives investors’ fears:

Despite “restoration” of diplomatic relations, the closing of a state-owned Iranian station is just one indication of lingering enmity:

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