News and Analysis (7/28/08)

Reversing original statement claiming small-arms fire, the U.S. military admits soldiers panicked and fired upon a car speeding to work in secure zone:

Sunni attacks in Iraq continue to demonstrate upheaval over the Shiite prominence and Kurdish claims to Kirkuk:

Citing last month’s presumed-Pakistani bombing at Indian embassy in Afghanistan, some are convinced ISI is also involved in Ahmedabad and Gujarat bombings…

…while others more focused on domestic sources of the attacks stress the importance of addressing the country’s Muslim-Hindu divide:

Finger-pointing in recent bombing overshadows Palestinian reconciliation talks:

Separatist Kurds are presumed responsible for explosions yesterday in Turkey:

New agreement with Muslim rebel group affords expansion of autonomous territory:

Medical results disproving sodomy charges against Malaysian leader finally come a month later, wearing away the public’s trust in police investigations:

French Muslims still enjoy Islam and secular society, despite highly publicized events that give the impression otherwise:

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