News and Analysis (7/29/08)

Following a weekend of terrorist bombings which India accused Pakistan of involvement, skirmishing at the Kashmiri Line of Control brings about urgent talks:

Columnist Eugene Robinson denounces White House memos calling for a sort of “middle ground on torture” as a “hideous affront to this nation’s honor and values“:

Muslim leaders aim to promote interreligious understanding, deconstruct misconceptions, and diminish the influence of extremism:

After February’s peace treaty broke down almost immediately, new fragile truce between Yemeni government and al Houthi rebels also looks unlikely to hold:

Business development is driving economic liberalization where the government fails, and while most yearn for peace, Syrians still see Israel as an imperialist and predatory state:

In Fatah-Hamas power struggle, threats received by journalists from both sides are a “flagrant violation of the freedom of expression” that “harms the reputation of the Palestinians”:

Ahead of a court case that is part of the nationalist-Islamist power struggle, Kurds resent accusations of responsibility for recent attacks, instead attributing the violence to nationalist extremists:

In Indonesia, a scuffle between students in a dormitory and locals was over disturbing behavior rather than religion:






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