Israeli Suicides Evoke the Memory of the Tunisian Ignition of the Arab Spring

[I was interviewed by Fars News Agency today on the recent spate of suicides in Israel]

Q. There have been five suicides by burning in Israel recently, one of whom was a medical doctor. What brought about this chain of events?

A. I am struck by the way the suicides in Israel evoke the memory of the onset of the Arab spring in Tunisia. The suicidal protesters in Israel are demonstrating against an incompetent and unresponsive bureaucracy that is no longer able to provide goods and services for the most vulnerable members of Israel through the resources it has stolen from the Palestinian people. In a nation founded on the principle of enriching  one people at the expense of another, recent events  demonstrate why thievery must inevitably fail as a means of development. We can only pray that as more and more Israelis become disillusioned with their militaristic, colonialist, socialist state, that they will come to realize that the first victims of that state, the Palestinians, are not their enemies but potential allies in a potential  future society that would respect the rights to life, property, dignity, family, and religion, of all residents of the land committed to justice and the rule of law under the one God of all of the children of Abraham (peace be upon him).

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D.
Minaret of Freedom Institute

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