News and Analysis (7/30/08)

Greater focus on military operations than reconstruction in Iraq creates a poor job market outside of the government and police force:

Turkish military uses Istanbul explosions as an excuse to strike Kurdish Iraq again:

Giving a blunt warning of American intervention, the CIA dispatches an emissary to Pakistan’s new civilian government to illustrate ISI-Taliban militancy connections…

…and a recent military breach of the Swat-region peace deal could be it’s response to US pressures to assert its feeble authority:

Underscoring the increasing Fatah-Hamas divide within Palestine, Human Rights Watch accuses both groups of arbitrary arrests and torture:

British House of Lords excuses Saudi’s threat to withdraw national security cooperation in response to the investigation of an arms deal’s legality:

A new media law would further clamp down on freedom of expression, but one Egyptian laments that people trying to make ends meet in a soured economy don’t have time for political activity anyway:

Observers, scholars, and government representatives will discuss conflicts in Muslim countries at an Indonesian conference:






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