News and Analysis (7/25/12)

“A nearly five-year legal saga will conclude Thursday for Falls Church resident Jamal Abusamhadaneh when he takes the oath of citizenship at a federal courthouse, after a federal judge ruled that immigration authorities wrongly drew sinister conclusions about aspects of his Muslim faith”:

“How easily we forget that in the West, civic liberalism was preceded by the Protestant Reformation. The liberalization of Christian theology and its daily interface with ordinary folk ushered in secular politics. But that did not mean Christianity stopped influencing politics”:

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt finds itself on an ideological pendulum between the liberals and Salafists that can only be slowed down by a successful economic strategy:

A fully veiled Egyptian Islamic Channel has been launched at the beginning of Ramadan. A lot can be said about the cultural transformations that have allow even the  women with the most conservative  backgrounds in Egypt to run and maintain a TV channel:

“Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi surprised the nation Tuesday by naming an obscure bureaucrat as his new prime minister to form a government that probably will be held in check by military leaders during an unsteady transition to democracy”:

“Turkey has closed its border gates with Syria to commercial traffic due to worsening security conditions but will keep them open for refugees fleeing the Syrian conflict”:

Here’s a switch: Christians complaining about Muslim proslytization:

“God’s law involves giving human beings the freedom to sin, the freedom to make mistakes, and part of the law of the land has to be to give people these freedoms. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misapplication of Islamic law in many countries”:






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