News and Analysis (8/1/08)

Acknowledging that they have no control over what OBL’s driver divulges if he is freed, the military hears classified testimonies in the trial that seems fixed to convict him:

Tit-for-tat arrests between rival political groups do nothing more than “perpetuate divisions” in Palestine:

European oil companies seeking to invest in Iran give in to US political pressures:

With the introduction of sports programs, former Iraqi athletes hope to make sectarian divisions irrelevant and give children positive options:

Having earlier this week linked Pakistan’s ISI to tribal insurgency, the US now joins Afghanistan in accusations for last month’s bombing at the Indian embassy in Kabul, further pressuring Pakistan’s new civilian government:

As attacks on civilians and NGOs increase in number, aid agencies fear some areas too dangerous to operate in will suffer:

Putin indicates cooperation with Libya’s requests for products from Russia’s military industrial complex:

As preparations are made for terrorists’ executions, lawyers intend to challenge the constitutionality of a firing squad:






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