News and Analysis (8/2-8/3/2008)

Escalating intra-Palestinian violence spurs Israeli assistance to Fatah’s wounded:

·         9 Dead in Hamas Raid on Pro-Fatah Clan in Gaza (New York Times)

Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) still denies role in Istanbul attacks, but eight will be charged with PKK membership in light of “strong evidence”:

·         Istanbul Bombings ‘Suspects Held’ (BBC News)

Displaced people found themselves caught between Taliban and US/NATO fighting in Afghanistan’s South and move to Kabul due to deteriorating security:

·         As the Fighting Swells in Afghanistan, So Does a Refugee Camp in Its Capital (New York Times)

Following US accusations and political pressures, Pakistan announces it will investigate its spy agency’s involvement in last month’s bombings on the Indian embassy in Kabul…

·         Pakistan to Probe Embassy Bombing (BBC News)

… as well as assure the Pentagon it is moving major units of its military into tribal areas to confront Taliban forces:

·         Pakistan May Step up Action Against Insurgents (Los Angeles Times)

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is suspected to be responsible for blast:

·         Algeria Car Bomb Wounds 21, Ministry Says  (New York Times)

Street cleaners are among the dead in extremists’ roadside bomb as chaos continues…

·         Somalia Bombing ‘Kills 15 Women’  (BBC News)

…meanwhile, resigning Somali ministers in the Transitional Federal Government site the Prime Minister’s “power abuse” and “dictatorial tendencies”:

·         10 Cabinet Ministers Resign As Govt Row Deepens  (Garowe Online/All Africa)

“My real crime is speaking out in defense of the democratic governance Egyptians deserve,” a journalist sentenced to prison for “harming” Egypt’s reputation wrote:

·         Egyptian Judge Sentences Exiled Dissident to Prison for Writings in ‘Foreign Press’ (Washington Post)

Bangladeshi laborers are deported from Kuwait after protests over contracts and rights:

·         Kuwait Ramps up Deportation of Asian Workers (Christian Science Monitor)

Government water subsidies where the supply is limited and government corruption, rather than an over-active free market economy as LA Times staff writer claims, are more likely reasons for Yemen’s ecological nightmare:

·         In Yemen, a Race for Profit is Hastening a Water Crisis (Los Angeles Times)

Understanding globalization, a local Iranian cleric urges villagers to exploit opportunities in the tourism industry to avoid having to leave for the city to find work:

·         An Iranian Jewel’s Rough New Facet (Washington Post)

In an upcoming election, Indonesian “spirit is toward reform, so there will be no censorship” of the press:

·         SBY Promises Press Freedom During Election (Jakarta Post)






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