News and Analysis (8/4/08)

Olympics-related security hype has given China momentum to conduct raids on Uighur Muslims, and now police arrest assailants without explaining their motives or affiliations:

As the threat of sanctions looms following a missed nuke-deal deadline, Iran warns of its ability to close critical Persian Gulf waterway:

Wounded Palestinians receive medical treatment on the condition that they become informants:

Reevaluating counternarcotics strategy in Afghanistan, Canada considers de-incentivizing opium production at the processing and shipment levels:

Seven Baha’i Iranians reportedly confess to establishing an illegal institution aimed at undermining the Islamic government:

A police raid called for by the US fails to capture man in charge of 1998 embassy bombings, but instead arrests his relatives accused of harboring him:

A Turkish show manages to connect with Saudis where Western shows can’t, inspiring tourism, independent women’s roles, as well as a cleric’s objections:

For incarcerated Afghan women, access to medical treatment, education, and safety from those seeking revenge is reason enough to keep their children there:






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