News and Analysis (8/5/08)

With Iraqi Prime Minister’s recent troop reductions comments still resonate, President Bush now agrees to a “time horizon” for transitioning control to Iraqis:

East Asian Studies professor says China continues to vilify the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, which doesn’t have the resources for an attack even if it wanted to:

U.S.officials allege ne of Amnesty International’s “disappeared” terror suspects used her MIT education to reach Al Qaeda inner circles:

With informal deal deadline past, yesterday’s phone call between Iran and six world powers was also “not conclusive”:

Palestinian clan, tossed between two main factions, finds many of its members saved by Israelis and now interrogated:

Indian-Afghan friendship signaled by development aid and recent collaborative accusations against Pakistan have Pakistan on edge:

Landmark agreement that would expand Muslim homeland in a southern island is blocked by the Philippine Supreme Court over questions of constitutionality:

Muslims recognize the benefits of tourism and would like to make the most of Western knowledge as long as they can preserve their religion:






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