News and Analysis (8/6/08)

As oil revenue contributes to the Iraqi budget surplus, the US looks to transition financial responsibility for reconstruction projects:

Shia cleric says his militia will lay down weapons, but insists resistance to US occupation remains a legitimate right:

Minor al-Qaeda figure’s trial is a test run for the legal process involved in the eventual closing of Guantanamo:

“Corrupt” but freely elected government in Mauritania is overthrown by recently fired military generals:

Pakistan government wants to affirm control of ISI, but the agency’s alleged support for the Taliban could be driven by rival India’s growing influence in neighboring Afghanistan…

…meanwhile the US praises its training of the Afghan Army, but realizes the inadequacy in the national police force to counter rising insurgency:

While the Algerian government has made combating terrorism a goal, last weekend’s attack shows the Al Qaeda’s capabilities expanding in northern Africa:

US Embassy says large weapons cache uncovered by Kyrgyz police was intended for local counterterrorism training:






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