News and Analysis (8/7/08)

Hamdan’s acquittal of terrorist conspiracy but conviction of supporting terrorism heightens debate on the fairness of the military justice system:

A powerful voice in the region declares “odd” an Iranian threat to the US that would also make foes out of Arab friends:

Disagreements over control of oil-rich Kirkuk delays provincial elections until next year, giving the current administration even less to call “success” in Iraq before leaving office:

Rival Palestinian parties both push for political leader and potential presidential successor Marwan Barghouti to be one of the prisoners released in Israeli good faith gesture:

As Turkey looks to take the role of regional problem solver, Syria seeks association and discussion in order to have a voice in peace efforts:

It is highly likely, but not certain, that the new ruling coalition could impeach President Musharraf who by now has little say in daily affairs and already ceded military control:

Political leader Anwar Ibrahim says he will hold the Prime Minister orchestrating his prosecution “personally responsible” for riots over allegations against him:

Ten years after Nairobi embassy bombing, lawlessness in neighboring Somalia and victimization of local Muslims are concerns:






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