News and Analysis (8/8/08)

Restoration of fired judges in Pakistan would have prevented a chaotic impeachment of Musharraf, says leading lawyer:

Iraqi central government power more dispersed as upcoming elections heighten the importance of regional politics…

… while Shiite militia looks to restructure into a large civilian cultural section and a smaller group of fighters:

Tensions between Muslims and Hindus over disputed Kashmir region have escalated in the last two weeks:

Thousands of miles away from the Beijing Olympics, police close an East Turkestani bazaar in response to group’s warning to Chinese Muslims to distance themselves from public transportation:

Relatively short sentence dismisses some claims against military court’s unfairness, but Hamdan could still be held indefinitely, or until the end of the “War on Terror”:

East African immigrants from war torn regions make the perilous sea journey from Libya in hopes to reach Europe:

Dissident economist who was held after comments during Syria’s brief stint in freedom of political expression seven years ago is released:






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