News and Analysis (9/10/12)

Violence erupts as Vice President al-Hashemi accuses President al-Maliki of aspiring to be Iraq’s new dictator:

“Sixteen Muslim preachers from a moderate sect were shot dead in central Mali as they traveled by road to a religious conference…. Early reports indicate that the men’s long beards aroused the suspicion of Mali’s military, which confused them for the extremists who have taken over the nation’s north”:

During his previous visits to Syria – in March and May – Jacques Beres, co-founder of medical charity Medecins Sans Frontiers said he had dismissed suggestions that the rebels were dominated by Islamist fighters but he said he had now been forced to reassess the situation:

Mohammed Morsi vowed to carry out tough structural reforms to overhaul his country’s ailing economy and create a better environment for business and investment, participants in a meeting between corporate executives and the president said on Sunday:

“Muslims are being seen as an impossible-to-integrate, fast-reproducing invasion force who follow a religion that’s more an ideology of conquest than a faith. Using the latest facts and figures,” Doug Sanders demonstrates “the far less alarming truth about these new arrivals”:

“Although Afghan President Hamid Karzai has hailed the handover, disagreements with the US remain. Washington is insisting that it will maintain control over some detainees in the prison”:

The “chief negotiator of the 11,000-strong Moro Islamic Liberation Front, said more than 50 percent of the issues being tackled by the rebels and government negotiators in Malaysian-brokered talks have been settled in principle” and “President Benigno Aquino III has expressed hope that a peace pact can be signed as early as December”:

The increased political involvement of American Muslims draws advocates from both sides of the gay marriage debate::

Thousands of Ahmadiyya Muslims from around the world have been holding their 46th annual convention in Hampshire over the weekend:







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