Statements to the Dundalk Eagle on the Recent Events in Libya

Asked by the Dundalk Eagle for statements on the recent events in Libya, I offered the following:

“It is a tragedy not only for America, but for the Muslim world that a man with the stature and record of constructive diplomacy of Chris Stevens was the victim of this terrorist attack.

“Attacks on embassies ar forbidden by Islamic law and it we pray that the new Libyan government will make good on its promise to find and punish the perpetrators.

“Although the facts are not clear yet, all evidence known so far suggests that the demonstrations against the Islamophobic film insulting the memory of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) were nonviolent and that the attack on the embassy was the work of opportunists in possession of heavy arms taking advantage of the demonstration to execute what may have been a pre-planned attack.

“Ironically, the attackers may have been enabled by the American military intervention into Libya and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has taken credit for the attack as revenge for assassination of their Libyan mastermind Sheikh Abu Yahya al-Li, killed by an American drone on June 4 in Pakistani-administered Waziristan.”

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D.
Minaret of Freedom Institute

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