News and Analyisis 9/30/12

“Information released by the US spy agency, the CIA, has revealed that because of its many undesirable side effects, scopolamine had been disqualified as a truth drug. It listed its most disabling side effects as hallucinations, disturbed perception, headaches, rapid heartbeat, and blurred vision”:

“Bahrain’s highest court has upheld prison sentences for nine medical personnel convicted for their role in anti-government protests last year,” accused “of siding with protesters from Bahrain’s Shiite majority, which is seeking a greater political voice in the Sunni-ruled nation”:

Rioters “blamed the photo on a 25-year-old local Buddhist, though it was not immediately clear if he actually posted the photo”:

“Addressing thousands of party members and regional leaders at a congress of his Justice and Development (AK) Party, Erdogan said the era of military coups in the nation of 75 million people was over”:

The “the UN is turning a blind eye to its own” resolutions against “the defamation of religions, religious symbols, venerated persons, and even an insult to Islam and the Muslims”:

A ban prompted by the contriversy over the Islamophobic video “sparked a slew of complaints from Internet users and officials in Iran”:

“There are widespread worries among Egyptians that Morsi and the Brotherhood have amassed too much power, holding executive and legislative authorities as well as dominating the process of writing the next constitution”:

A series of clips highlighting the selective approach of the media to events in the Muslim world; insults against women stir as much protest as the notorious Muhammad-bashing film:

“Authorities have stressed they were not investigating the making of the film itself, and prosecutors said Nakoula was in custody facing eight probation violation accusations. They did not list the violations but said he had used aliases and could face up to 24 months behind bars if he is found at a later hearing to have violated terms of his release”:






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