News and Analysis (10/9/12)

“We want to give a message to America that the more you carry out drone attacks, the more people will hate you,” says Imran Khan, while leading thousands to a protest against drone strikes; a statement that demonstrates why anti-American sentiments sell in Middle East politics:

The women’s mosques and female imams estimated to be in the hundreds “are important because their endurance in China offers a vision of an older form of Islam that has inclusiveness and tolerance, not marginalization and extremism, at its core, the scholars say”:

“American Muslims, polls also reveal, will be critical for the victory of either Obama or Romney in at least three states; namely, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida. But in already-decided states, like the blue state of New Jersey, the community has flexed its political muscle in not only local races but also in congressional battles”:

“[A]rmy commanders say they lack the firepower to capture the militiamen”:

Pat Buchanan asks: “If Iran advances ideas to demonstrate convincingly that it has no weapons program, but insists on what President Obama said he supports — Iran having a peaceful nuclear program under U.N. inspection — will America accept that?”

All three islands are strategically located. A treaty signed by the late, deposed shah gives Iran rights over Abu Musa, but the “UAE insists [the other two islands] belonged to the emirate of Ras al-Khaimah until [the shah] captured them by force days before the UAE statehood in 1971”:

“All felony convictions or attempted crimes ‘committed to support the revolution and its goals’ were to be pardoned, the decree stated, with the exception of murder cases”:

“He told a judge that he denied charges that he conspired with US nationals to set up a terrorist training camp in the state of Oregon” just before she “set a [trial] date of 26 August 2013”:






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