Alternatives to Violence in Muslim History

Although Islam is not a religion of pacifism, by which I mean that warfare is not entirely prohibited, nonetheless it is a peaceful religion, in the sense that its objective is to achieve a state of peace and security for both the Muslims and for those non-Muslims under its protection. Further, warfare is governed by strict rules of what today would be considered “just war theory.” Although the preceding is vehemently denied by some warmongering ideologues and religious fanatics of varying affiliations, it is well known to competent historians and serious analysts. What is less well-appreciated is the fact that the tactics and strategies of nonviolence are part of the Muslim tradition as well. In a paper delivered at an international conference of Islamic social scientists in Istanbul earlier this month, I looked at some examples of nonviolent activism in the Muslim tradition, and note along the way how they relate to the basic teachings and how they compare to nonviolent resistance in America. You can read the entire paper by linking here:

“Alternatives to Violence in Muslim History” by Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Minaret of Freedom Institute

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