Exploring Connections Between the Economy and Foreign Policy

Here are my answers to recent questions from Farspress about the relationship of the economic crisis on American foreign policy.

Q- The U.S economy supremacy suffered from the U.S invasion to Afganistan and Iraq and the alleged “development of democracy.” How do you see the future of this trend?

A. The disastrous collapse of the American economy at this time is partly due to the military interventions and “nation-building” you have mentioned, but it is mostly due to the expansion of credit in which the Federal Reserve Board engaged in order to support these adventures as well as a broad array of government programs. This trend can only be expected to get worse as the U.S. government faces the enormous unfunded obligations of Social Security and Medicare as the baby boom generation enters retirement.

Q. What do you think of the effects of these events on the U.S supremacy in international scene?

A. American military adventures have sorely hurt its image in the world and caused a loss of respect. Because the U.S. military cannot handle a war on more than two fronts at this time, it has no ability to respond to unanticipated threats as the unfolding of the Russian intervention into Georgia has demonstrated.

Q. Will the U.S continue to define its national interest globally or limit itself to a narrower definition of its national interest?

A. I do not believe that the United States has pursued its national interest in world affairs, but has rather subordinated its national interest in international affairs to the domestic interests of the politicians in currying favor to certain domestic interests, especially the Zionists and, to a lesser degree, corporate finance and the oil industry.

Q. What do you think about the fate of The U.S confrontations with countries like Iran?

A. America’s threatened confrontation serves neither nation’s interests. The damage done to America’s interest by its adventure in Iraq is neglegible compared to the damage a war with Iran would cause. All legitimate security concerns that America has with Iran would be better served by an opening of relations, especially of trade.

Yours truly,
Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D.
Minaret of Freedom Institute

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