News and Analysis (3/12/21)

Five Palestinian children were detained for hours for picking wild vegetables near an illegal settlement in what the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem calls “another example of the absolute disregard on the part of Israeli authorities and forces on the ground to the wellbeing and rights of Palestinians, no matter how young or vulnerable”:

David Abrams, a lawyer and executive director at the Zionist Advocacy Group, is known for weaponizing the Public Records Law in order to target pro-Palestine activists by releasing their names to Canary Mission, which is  “a website that blacklists Palestinian rights activists by creating dossiers on them and labelling them anti-Semites”:

While Israel and the U.S. strain to focus to distract international intention with an alleged Iranian nuclear threat, Israel has been building what appears to be a new reactor to produce Tritium, allegedly for the purpose of enhancing their arsenal of “80 nuclear warheads”:

Biden authorized an airstrike that killed seventeen people in northern Iraq. “Analysts suggest that the strike was intended to strengthen U.S position in negotiations with Iran”:

The persecutions of Muslims by China’s Communist government obscures the fact that in the past Chinese emperors favored the minority community “because of its ethics, which—as far as the emperors were concerned—promoted harmonious and peaceful relations between the diverse peoples in the imperial territories”:

The Interior Ministry’s accused Imam Ali’s Popular Student Relief Society (IAPSRS) of “questioning Islamic rulings such as qisas [retribution in kind and] promoting falsehood by publishing statements against the Islamic Republic of Iran”:

One of Iran’s top nuclear scientists argues that “the one who has left the JCPOA has to come back first” …

… but the U.S. refuses to return to compliance:

Drones laden with high explosives that Israel claims were in use in an operation “against resistance naval forces” killed Gaza fishermen:

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