News and Analysis 3/15/21

Iran is too proud to make the first move after the U.S. unilaterally withdrew from the JPCOA. Biden can break the impasse by using Reagan’s “trust but verify” policy, announcing the U.S. will immediately resume compliance trusting that Iran will allow the IAEA will be able to verify that Iran has followed suite promptly thereafter:

Israel receives new criticism after interrogating “two of the five children detained last week for” picking wildflowers near an illegal settlement:

Civil society groups report “psychological trauma … [including, in some cases], early signs of post-traumatic stress disorder” in over “93 percent of children impacted by” Austrian police raids targeting Muslim households last November:

The first ever Muslim nominee for an lead actor Oscar is just the tip of the iceberg, as observers see “an influx of Muslim students headed to careers in media, from screenwriting to journalism to movie production” and anticipate “a flood of young people will be in a variety of writers’ rooms in the next five years”:

Going against the tide of BJP bigotry, a Brahmin explains what drew him to Islam was that “[i]n Islam, be it a beggar or a banker, all stand in the same rows for namaz [prayer], all are equal in the eyes of Islam. You don’t have to be rich or born into a particular social category to be close to Allah”:

The Taliban has agreed to send a 10 person delegation for a peace meeting that will take place in Qatar on the 18th of March:

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has not had any involvement, directly or indirectly, in any armed attacks by any entities or individuals against the United States in Iraq” — Iran’s UN envoy Majid Takht-Ravanchi:

Analysts indicate that “[l]osing Abs would be a major blow to the Houthi rebels”:

A Pakistani envoy to Sri Lanka raised concerns regarding the country’s newly announced ban on burqas, stating, “The likely ban on Niqab will only serve as injury to the feelings of ordinary Sri Lankan Muslims and Muslims across the globe”:

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