News and Analysis 3/23/2021

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken pledged to reestablish the transatlantic NATO military alliance before discussing “any possible withdrawal from Afghanistan” …

… but Washington should not delude itself into believing that there is potential for any meaningful change in Afghanistan by extending the withdrawal deadline:

“An unwavering faith in the justness of God is what sparks our reformist flames as we return to researching, reading and interpreting the scripture ourselves, instead of blindly following the centuries old canonised Islamic literature that was primarily compiled and commentated on by men”:

In Islamic law the groom is supposed to give the bride a gift and Muslim jurists and judges are refusing to solemnize marriages in which the  groom’s family demands a Western style dowry after physical abuse by one groom and his family ended in the bride’s suicide:

A political scientist calls the District Development Council elections in Kashmir “chaotic” and “farcical” and predits “that the crisis of legitimacy will continue to prevail in Kashmir”:

43-year-old Palestinian prisoner Maher Abu Rayan announced that he was going on a hunger strike due to the Israeli Prison Service delaying needed surgery for “which he has been waiting for more than two years”:

After almost 6 years of war and severe famine, Saudi Arabia finally offered a cease-fire deal in Yemen amid the possibility of political negotiations with the Houthis:

Calgary Muslim call for increased “efforts to ensure the safety of racialized and religiously diverse residents after a girl was beaten and her hijab torn” during a walk in the park:

Israel has refused to comment on its apparent move to sabotage the ICC investigation into its war crimes:

The Malaysian government may let nurses decide for themselves whether or not to wear a headscarf at work:

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