News and Analysis 3/25/21

It is becoming increasingly clear that Netanyahu must turn to Arab votes to maintain his power:

After years of Israeli strikes that have “several dozen Iranian oil tankers, which caused Iran cumulative damage of billions of dollars,” Israel accuses Iran of striking an Israeli ship, which Iran denies:

Reports indicate that senior Saudi official twice threatened UN investigator Agnes Callamard in a meeting with other UN officials, wanting to have her “taken care of”:

Malik says, “We are not a monolith. … I hope [audience members] walk away with stereotypes shattered and seeing that Muslim women are their sisters in humanity”:

A female Palestinian anthropologist “was demonised by a broader Zionist public with racialised and gendered epithets steeped in Orientalist discourse,” which she understands as a “form of ethnographic knowledge that speaks to the gendered aspects of Zionist repression and the urgency of understanding Palestine as a feminist issue”:

The judge said she “was sympathetic to the submission made on the mother’s behalf, that whilst she appreciated that the male counsel acting would wish to see her face, it was not necessary for all other participants to the hearing to see her”:

“Abdul Bari Naik’s family says he is paying a price for exposing corruption by officials and raising concerns over village land being taken over by the army”:

“Qatar has quickly moved to take advantage of the greater diplomatic margin of manoeuvre created by the Al-Ula summit to enter a race with other Gulf nations for closer ties with Iraq driven by different or conflicting intentions and calculations”:

As the U.S. fails to make progress, China’s FM wants to take the lead on Middle East peace:

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