News and Analysis 3/27/21

Even as Muslims raise funds for victims of the Boulder shooting …

… the chairman of the Islamic Center of Boulder said that “even though the suspect never set foot in their center, they decided to close their prayer room to keep their members safe” because the alleged shooter has a Muslim name:

The Niqab-wearing dog-lover is joined i her fight against stereotypes about Islam and dog’s by a neighboring Muslim teacher who quotes the Islamic teaching:  “The heart of a person who hates dogs without any reason is even more impure than the dogs themselves”:

Making “Israel synonymous or coextensive with ‘all Jews’ … is deeply problematic because in effect it essentializes and homogenizes all Jewish persons”:

“Facebook, Instagram and Twitter [continue to remove posts, block videos and shut down accounts trying to shed light on the dire situation in the region” even as “the Indian government has partially lifted the lockdown on Kashmir”:

A U.S. “presence would most likely prevent a collapse of the nation’s own security forces and allow the government in Kabul, the Afghan capital, to retain control of its major cities, but the Taliban are still likely to gradually expand their power in other parts of the country”:

“Muslim girls are powerful; we were raised to act appropriately which in turn gives us a preparedness for the business world that our peers do not possess. We were raised to stand for what we believe in, giving us a confidence in ourselves that most can’t even comprehend”:

“There are people, to this day, that still refuse to look at me, refuse to talk to me in this building. That was something that I had anticipated, but I didn’t think it would feel how it does”:

Netanyahu needs the sell-out Muslims party to form a majority, but if he includes them he will be denied that majority by the abandonment of far-right parties that refuse to be in a coalition with Arabs:

The IDF injured “a child with a stun grenade in his foot” and inflicted “suffocation from gas inhalation” on “many others”:

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