News and Analysis 3/29/21

The U.S. claims an “alarming” systematic indoctrination to ISIS ideology is taking place in civilian camps housing “the wives, widows, children and other family members of IS militants” and run by Syrian Kurdish officials:

As Israeli courts continue to rule in favor of settler organizations in East Jerusalem,  hundreds of  women and children are being forcibly evicted and displaced from their ancestral homes:

French legislators push for a bill that many consider a direct attack on freedom of association paving the way for state abuse in the dissolution of civil society organizations:

A report finds that Muslim groups lose tax status for hosting speakers that espouse views that speakers at Christian groups espouse with impunity:

The Court’s ruling support’s the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign’s charges that the theatre’s refusal twice to screen the film exposing Israeli apartheid “amounted to unlawful discrimination on the prohibited grounds of ‘conscience and belief””:

On Saturday, China and Iran signed a 25 year long agreement, providing Iran with a lifeline amid US sanctions as it secures “$400 billion in Chinese investment” in the coming years. “Relations between the two countries have now reached the level of strategic partnership and China seeks to comprehensively improve relations with Iran”:

Niveen Gharqoud of Gaza has “submitted 5 exit permit requests” to Israeli authorities in hopes of reuniting with her husband and children in the Israeli occupied West Bank”:

The exiles agreed to leave their homeland “as part of a deal to free … a Jew who was captured by the Iran-backed group’s intelligence around six years ago” for his part in smuggling to Israel an antique deerskin Torah scroll deemed by the Houtis as a national treasure:


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