News and Analysis 4/4/21

Reports state that two groups of settlers beat a Jalud resident with “sticks and rocks”,  to the extent that he required immediate medical attention, then “two Israeli soldiers who reached the scene fired stun grenades at the Jalud residents who came to the Palestinian’s aid”:

Can diplomatic choreography sidestep the “you go first impasse” for a return to JCPOA?

As Lebanon finds itself on the brink of economic collapse, one can only hope that it makes it to the 2022 parliamentary elections so that new leadership can put the country on a new, sustainable economic trajectory:

Jordan’s Prince Hamzah Bin Al-Hussein, the half-brother of King Abdullah II, said Saturday that he’s been placed under house arrest as the government arrested “more than a dozen individuals — including high-profile members of the Kingdom” over an alleged plot to overthrow the king:

The Biden administration has “has offered few concrete details on its plan to end the United States’ support for” the illegal and cruel war that Saudi Arabia and its US-backed allies have waged on Yemen” or the arms sales that support it:

A biker converts to Islam and, turning his back on street fighting, forms a new kind of motorcycle club that fights brush fires, saves lives, and provides young people an alternative to “a life of crime and vice”:

The Iranian fictional spy show is so hostile to Iran’s moderates that FM Javad Zarif has branded the second season a “lie from beginning to end”:

Palestinian electoral commission has announced the list of candidates who are approved to run for next month’s legislative elections. With this vote, many hope “to boost international support for Palestinian governance”:


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