News and Analysis 4/13/21

Israel’s sabotage of Iran threatens regional peace and U.S. diplomacy:

The killer remains at large as critics say that the Israeli police force has proven itself inept at solving the rise in murder cases against the country’s Arab minority. “While Israeli Arabs constitute only 20 percent out of the general population… numbers reflect that 43 percent of the total number of murders of women in Israel is of Arab women”:

“Ramadan cuisine has no boundaries and brings up a larger issue of inclusivity in Muslim American communities”:

With the approach of Palestinian legislative elections, Israeli forces arrested 24 Palestinians on Monday, reaffirming the notion that Israel fears a landslide victory for the Hamas movement:

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin will likely discuss the looming withdrawal deadline from Afghanistan among the global issues as they seek “a political agreement between the Afghan government, which was largely left out of the first deal, and the Taliban that can improve the chances of stability in Afghanistan once US troops leave”:

“Inciting ethno-religious animosity has become a means of survival for parts of Sri Lanka’s political elite”:

As Emmanuel Macron pushes legislation to limit “Islamic-separatism”,  hate crimes and anti-Muslim sentiment have grown in hyper-polarized France with mosque vandalism and neo-Nazi threats:

“Launched last week, UK Muslim Film seeks to “integrate the Muslim experience into the heart of British culture” through film and television”:

“The Iowa City School Board has already approved the calendars for the next three school years. But the superintendent has said those changes can be amended”:






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