News and Analysis 4/15/21

The Vienna talks aimed at allowing the US to rejoin the nuclear deal have “fallen into disarray” in the aftermath of an attack on Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility:

Europe buys into and the Taliban reject Biden’s plan for a delayed unconditional troop withdrawal:

“Overruling a nearly five-decade judgment, the Kerala High Court … [noted] that the Holy Quran recognises the right to divorce equally for both men and women”:

The United States, in addition to backing Saudia Arabia’s barbaric war in Yemen, is behind the naval and aerial blockade that is causing millions of Yemenis to go hungry:

Instead of protecting the occupied populace as per the fourth Geneva convention, Israel continues to employ extremist ideology intended to terrorize Palestinians and push them to move:

“A medieval debate about God’s relationship to goodness can help explain today’s conflicts over religion and society in the Islamic world”:

Both India and Pakistan claim the region despite the fact that the U.N. has recognized the right of its people to self-determination:

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