News and Analysis 4/17/21

Despite checkpoints, restrictions, and Israeli police action sabotage to Al-Aqsa mosque loudspeakers, 70,000 Palestinians managed to make it to the first Friday services in Ramadan:

Mansour al-Shahatit’s “deplorable state after being freed … suffering from memory loss as a result of torture and solitary confinement for many years in Israeli jails” reflects the plight of an “estimated 4,500 Palestinians are languishing in jail, many for simply challenging Israel’s occupation”:

As Indian police continue their killings of Kashmiri people, a virtual criminalization of media coverage of police reflects the government’s intention to leave “no space for any dissent or criticism of the government policies and police action on any platform”:

Conservative democrats continue to protect Israeli interests in a clash with Biden’s policies in the Israel-Palestine conflict, seeking to “raise the political cost of addressing Israel-Palestine at all” to permit the “de facto annexation (of Palestine) that has been going on for decades”:

Iran has identified 43 year old Reza Karimi as a suspect in the Natanz attack, stating that “he fled the country hours before the sabotage happened”:

Iran’s Foreign ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh condemns the GCC’s call “to include its demands in the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers” as a move to prevent U.S. return to the agreement that had put the brakes on Iran’s nuclear development:

The Abrahamic Accords, agreements between the United States, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates, serve as a thin veil to hide the true geopolitical intentions of each country involved:

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