News and Analysis 4/20/21

Virologist Shahid Jameel credits the eleventh century Muslim physician Ibn Sina (Avicenna) with propagating the “the idea that diseases are spread by microorganisms,” and now Muslim leaders from Mecca to Lucknow are propagating the fact that receiving Covid-19 vaccine during Ramadan does not invalidate the fast:

In Srinagar calls to a helpline jumped from 55 in 2019 to 177 in 2020 and 120 in the past three months alone:

This single mother turned to Islam for “spiritual strength” and looked forward to paying zakat as a rare “voluntary form of solidarity” without coercion.  Instead she became a recipient of zakat after her bosses fired her and family and previous friends abandoned her:

“Amid growing calls in the Democratic party to end Israeli abuses towards the Palestinian populace, Senator Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have called for “restricting military aid from being used in occupied territories”:

Khan wants Western countries to sacrifice freedom of speech regarding the Prophet  (pbuh) on the model of European laws against questioning the Holocaust:

As tensions rose in the aftermath of Israel’s attack on Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility …

reports indicate that the Vienna talks have “moved from general words to agreeing on specific steps toward the goal” of US return to the treaty by “simultaneous, sequential steps” …

… and “Saudi and Iranian officials held discussions in Iraq in a bid to ease tensions as Washington works to revive a 2015 nuclear pact with Tehran and end the Yemen war”:

The first Palestinian election in 15 years may be cancelled or delayed due to Israel preventing Palestinians living in Jerusalem from casting their ballots:

On the second day of Ramadan, Israeli police brutalized Palestinian worshippers returning from the Al-Aqsa mosque:

Israel continues to boast that it has the  “highest per capita COVID vaccination rate in the world” despite the virus running rampant in Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories and “a severe vaccine shortage in Gaza”:



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