News and Analysis 4/21/21

“[T]he application of law, its reformulation, its suspension, are all malleable instruments in the Indian colonial epistemic and political arsenal” that “is built to criminalise Kashmiri resistance and normalise their oppression”:

While the United States wishes to reenter the deal, Israeli officials would rather witness Iran crumble under U.S. sanctions and  Israeli covert attacks …

… yet diplomatic efforts in Vienna have progressed negotiations “much farther in the short period of time since the [Israel] attack” o the Natanz facility:

“Three weeks after the police began a pan-Kashmir campaign to seize vehicles with non-local number plates, the Regional Transport Officer (RTO) Kashmir, Akramullah Tak, has now admitted that seizures of such vehicles were not permitted under the law”:

The town of Nof HaGalil remains the “only mixed municipality of Israeli Jewish and Palestinian Arab residents” where “the Ministry of Education has not established a school for the Arabic-speaking community”:

“While most reformist politicians compete over showing loyalty to Khamenei, Faezeh asked him to resign in 2020. In March, when an interviewer asked Faezeh to invite someone to a debate, she requested Khamenei”:






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