News and Analysis 4/23/21

On Thursday night, far right Israelis marched through the streets of Jerusalem, as cries of “Death to Arabs, death to terrorists” eventually turned into physical violence, wounding more than “105 Palestinians”:

“Djabelkhir said he makes the distinction between history and myth in religious writing, but his detractors contend that ‘everything in the Quran is history, with a capital H’”:

The wife of Osama Mansour, a Palestinian man shot dead “for no apparent reason” at an Israeli checkpoint in the West Bank,  narrates a chilling account of how Israeli security forces opened fire without reason, wounding her and killing her husband:

An immigrant from Gaza, a lead engineer in developing the NASA helicopter that flew on Mars says it’s harder to go to Gaza than to Mars:

Mark Dankof states that Israel resorts to assassination and sabotage because it wants “an unchecked nuclear monopoly in the Middle East”:

Though Iran raised its uranium enrichment levels in response to Israel’s attack on its Natanz nuclear facility, Iran has promised to reverse these remedial measures “if the US  lifts its illegal sanctions” U.S General Kenneth McKenzie affirmed, “They (Iran) have done nothing irreversible”:

A missile fired from Syria set off air raid sirens at Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor after Israel failed to intercept the attack. In retaliation, Israel targeted several sites in Syria:

“Facing a deepening occupation and increasing authoritarianism, young Palestinians see the first national elections in 15 years as an opportunity to overhaul their political system”:

Asad “was probably the first person to articulate the idea of Zionist colonialism”:







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