News and Analysis 4/25/21

As growing incitement from “far-right settlers advocating for the killing of Arabs” as well as “Palestinian anger over police blocking off access to the Al-Aqsa mosque” resulted in severe clashes between Palestinian protestors and Israeli security forces …

… the U.N. envoy to the region, Tor Wennesland, condemned both Israeli provocations and Gaza’s rocket attacks:

On Sunday, Hamas issued a statement to Palestinians, urging them to continue their resistance and “to form a united front against the aggressions of the Tel Aviv regime”:

An Iranian tanker was attacked off the coast of Syria on Saturday, as reports indicate that  “At least three Syrians were killed, including two members of the crew” …

… Mohammad Bagheri, chief of staff for Iran’s armed forces, warned Israel to expect retaliation:

A spokesman for the Turkish president called Biden’s position “irresponsible and unprincipled” for ignoring the fact that “President Erdogan opened Turkey’s national archives & called for a joint historical committee to investigate the events of 1915, to which Armenia never responded”:

US General Scott Miller, the commander of foreign forces in Afghanistan, affirmed on Sunday that “an orderly withdrawal of foreign forces and the handing over of military bases and equipment to the Afghan forces”  had begun:

“He led an extraordinary program at Princeton, one that serves as a national model for its expansiveness of programming, breadth of inclusion of all Muslims and non-Muslims, its intellectual depth, its beauty, challenge, support and relevance” — Dean of Religious Life and the Chapel Alison Boden:

Iran, which has had less than half the Covid-19 per capita death rate of the United States, says it will have rolled out 50 million doses of its own vaccine by the end of September:






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