News and Analysis 5/3/21

Palestinian families that historically demonstrated kindness towards their Jewish neighbors are now being forcibly evicted from East Jerusalem by Zionist hardliners determined to cleanse East Jerusalem of non-Jewish Palestinians:

Shay Pinsker, head of offensive security at OP Innovate, a cyber security firm, believes the new wave of cyberattacks following the Nantaz centrifuge site explosion is an “Iranian attacker disguised as a Russian attacker”:

On Sunday, Israeli soldiers violently stormed the Nur Shams refugee camp in Tulkarem, launching tear gas canisters that caused “fires to break out in Palestinian-owned lands in the village of Fa’run”:

Rehab al-Horoub, a 60-year-old Palestinian woman, was shot and critically injured by Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint before she “succumbed to her wounds on Sunday morning”:

Both Muslim and Jewish elites of Andalusia “claimed a combined aesthetic intellectualism called ‘adab’ … [which] signified refined manners, a finely tuned aesthetic sensibility, and cultural sophistication in the form of surpassing knowledge of the arts and sciences, and control of the discourses reflecting and conveying such etiquette”:

In five years Tasawuf Underground has helped over “120 people … recruited from the streets” incapable of holding down routine jobs “to become entrepreneurs” including one ” former street busker … now enrolled in law school” teaching “Islamic knowledge to former drug addicts at a government-run rehabilitation facility”:

After twelve Israeli armed forces raided his home towards the end of April, Palestinian journalist and father of five Alaa Al-Rimawi was arrested as “Israel fears he may influence public opinion” on Palestinian elections. Rimawi says, “They held a barbecue inside my cell,” spitting on him and forcing him to eat:

Since the beginning of the Vienna Talks, Israel has rapidly escalated its “Shadow war” against Iran with intent to thwart bringing Iran and the USA back to the nuclear deal:

Under International law, Palestinian refugees and their descendants “deserve the right to return to Israel” yet “the Jewish state increasingly denies any historical, emotional, cultural or material ties of the Palestinians to their homeland” in an effort to mask its “colonialist mission of land grabbing and ethnic cleansing”:

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