News and Analysis 5/23/21

As popular perception continues to shift in favor of Palestinians, many young American Jews begin to separate their Jewish American identities from Israel. “Killing more that 200 Palestinians in two weeks won’t bring back our ancestors who perished in the Holocaust”:

As if to underscore that Israel’s ceasefire is only with Hamas and not with innocent civilians, Israeli settlers have once again raided the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound under the protection of Israeli forces:

Palestine Legal, an organization that defends “the civil and constitutional rights of U.S citizens who advocate for Palestinian freedom,” responded to “1707 incidents of suppression from 2014 to 2020”:

The AP told Emily Wilder that her tweets “violated the news agency’s social media policy when she was fired this week, but that they did not say which tweets were in violation of that policy, or how”:

Scott Horton’s new Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism is so important because now that “everyone is talking about rightwing delusions and conspiracy theories, we really need to understand how” the lie that Iraq was behind 9/11 “became so repeatable by American leaders”:

Nine workers were injured in a blast at a chemical factory in Isfahan, Iran, alleged to have  created drones used against Israel:

“[N]ot a single Indian army personnel has been tried despite committing massacres such as the Hawal massacre where 70 innocent Kashmiris were killed by indiscriminate firing by the Indian army”:

A Jewish-Iranian parliamentarian labelled Benjamin Netanyahu  “a tyrant” who would manipulate religious values to enable carnage and occupation, and who “has chosen racism as his ideology”:

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