News and Analysis 5/25/21

Once Palestine’s cultural and economic capital, Jaffa is still home to around 20,000 Palestinians that lived there before Israel’s establishment in 1948, but government backed gentrification aims to push them out:

Undercover Israeli forces, known as “Mista’arvim”, sneaked their way into the Umm Al-Sharayet neighborhood, where they shot and killed a young man identified as Ahmad Jamil Fahd, before leaving him “to bleed to death”:

The interpretation of laïcité  in contemporary France allows both left wing neo-republicans and right wing conservatives “to justify policies targeting Muslim visibility”:

After Muslim butcher Mohammad Shakir filed a case against the men who brutally assaulted  for selling cow meat, UP police counter-sued him for “‘mischief by killing an animal’ and committing an act likely to spread infection”:

“It seemed like all these ethno-nationalists from India and Israel coming together”:

Reports indicate that the extensive use of “draconian laws and frequent imposition of curfews” by Indian security forces have created “an atmosphere of terror and fear” in Indian occupied Kashmir:

Iran has informed the UN nuclear watchdog it has decided to extend a monitoring deal with the agency for a month:

“Iran is using its abundance of oil to generate electricity that powers a massive bitcoin cryptomining operation that enables the country to turn its greatest natural resource into money”:

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