News and Analysis 5/28/21

At least 61 children were among the victims arrested as Israeli forces are rounding up Palestinians en masse inside Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory:

The tipping point in public willingness to close its eyes to Israeli atrocities manifests itself in an EU member country’s Parliament, the EU’s foreign policy chief, among Afro-Americans, among American progressives, among young people all over the world, on the New York Times op-ed page, and even in Hollywood:

“The clerics issued a statement in which they said the constitutional watchdog did not ‘recognize the principle of a republic and the people’s vote,’ but rather ‘regards its own preferences and desires as superior to the people’s choice'”:

A Muslim organization calls out the British media for minimizing Israeli efforts to seize the Palestinian neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah as “evictions”, the Israeli raid on Al Aqsa Mosque and its aftermath as “clashes”, and Israeli bombardment of Gaza with euphemisms like “conflict” and “flare-up”:

The chairman of the Pakistani parliament’s committee on Kashmir accused India on Thursday of replicating the Israeli occupation model in Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir, following reports that accuse “New Delhi of issuing half-million new Kashmiri domicile certificates to non-locals”:

“This week President Hassan Rouhani ordered a ban on all mining of cryptocurrencies over the summer, in response to rolling electricity blackouts around the country. The ban is meant to apply to licensed as well as unlicensed operators”:

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