News and Analysis 6/5/2021

An “estimated one million public and private bomb shelters” across Israel do not benefit “unrecognized” Palestinian-majority  villages such as Dahmash, which does not have access to a single one, and lack “basic services and infrastructure”:

Marathon runners peacefully protesting the Sheikh Jarrah expulsions are greeted at the finish line by uniformed thugs with stun guns:

The UN has requested a response from the Indian government regarding severe human rights violations such as, “arbitrary detention, extrajudicial killing, enforced disappearance, and torture”:

Al-Jazeera journalist Givara Budeiri was assaulted and detained while covering demonstrations in the Israeli occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood:

Following swift withdrawals by US and NATO forces, the Taliban have accelerated their plans to expand into Afghanistan and are rapidly increasing their power in the country:

Rohingya leaders in Bangladesh on Friday guardedly welcomed a pledge by Myanmar’s shadow government to grant citizenship to members of their stateless community if and when it returns to power, with “refugees saying they have been cheated many times before”:

The law school grad shares credit for her success with her mother who raised “her children, especially her girls, to be independent” and a teacher who encouraged her to develop “an open mind and about .. to use and value her own opinion to interpret what she read”:

Experts warn that the anticipated Bennett-Lapid coalition’s policies, particularly in regards to Palestine and Iran, will not veer too far from Netanyahu’s:

Israel’s Iron Dome seems to have reached its operational limit as Hamas “used massive barrages of rockets in a new way” designed to overwhelm the defense system, which eventually led to “more than 60 rockets” hitting strategic targets in Israel:

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