News and Analysis 6/10/21

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer noted that this is the first time that a member of America’s “third largest religion … will become the first to ever serve as an Article III judge”:

The Israeli authorities’ decision to shut down the Palestinian Health Work Committees (HWC) will have “catastrophic consequences” for the health needs of Palestinians across the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), said Amnesty International today:

170 members of the Odeh family living in the town of Silwan are facing threats of eviction on “the pretext that they built houses without permits”:

“Fourteen Palestinians were arrested on Thursday in Jerusalem after disturbances following a press conference by an extreme right-wing Israeli MP” …

… while footage released by Haartez exposed Israeli jailers for brutally assaulting “55 shackled Palestinians” thought to have links with Hamas. An official from the prison told Haaretz that “it was one of the most violent incidents to take place in Israeli prisons”:

Nathaniel Veltman intentionally plowed his truck into a Pakistani-Canadian family in the province of Ontario, killing four out of five family members in what is now being labelled as a hate crime. The 9 year old boy who survived is “hospitalized in critical condition”:

New Delhi has unleashed a “slew of colonial amendments, rules, and laws” designed to target Muslim majority areas and perpetuate huge demographic shifts in Jammu and Kashmir:

“Iran announced publicly for the first time Thursday that it is sending two warships into the Atlantic Ocean but remained mum on where exactly the two vessels are headed”:

“USC Annenberg’s new study on Muslim representation in media — which found that less than 10% of top grossing films from 2017-2019 had a Muslim character on screen, with less than 2% of those characters having speaking roles”:

The suit alleges that JBS Swift & Company denied employees “bathroom breaks and disciplin[ed] them more harshly than other workers because they were Muslim, immigrants from Somalia, and Black”:

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