News and Analysis 6/12/21

“What if all the Palestinians in the West Bank entered and protested in Sheikh Jarrah? Can the [Israeli] occupation arrest thousands? Our numbers will be larger than theirs”–a Palestinian journalist:

15 year old Mohammad Said Hamayel was killed and six others wounded by Israeli army gunfire Friday during clashes in the occupied West Bank:

Thousands of  protestors stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine and urge “G7 leaders to support Palestinian rights”:

Iran regained its voting rights in the U.N. General Assembly on Friday after making the minimum payment on its U.N. dues and lashed out at the United States for “maintaining sanctions that have prevented it from accessing billions of dollars” in foreign banks:

“Larijani asked the Council to publicly explain the reasons behind its decision, specially that earlier reports about his daughter having foreign citizenship or residing abroad have been proven wrong”:

Two police officers and two civilians were killed; one of the civilians was allegedly killed after tyhe militants had fled:

The Lebanese-based NGO’s complaint alleges that INTERPOL presidential candidate Ahmed Lacey played a role in the torture of the imprisoned activist Ahmed Mansour:

Hundreds of protestors staged pro-Kashmir rallies at UK’s Cornwall in order to “condemn the killings of political activists, human rights violations and arrests of political leaders” in the disputed territory:

“[W]e call on leaders and law enforcement across the country to uphold the First Amendment rights of everyone to voice their support for the Palestinian people”–CAIR national communications director Ibrahim Hooper:

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