News and Analysis 6/15/21

As Israeli forces ramp up their use of live ammunition, they, along with Israeli settlers, are deliberately targeting “Palestinian protestors – and the medics trying to rescue them” …

… meanwhile, Israel’s Internal Security Minister hypocritically declares, “The right to demonstrate is a right in all democracies,” even as Israeli police seal off the area to prevent Palestinians from counter-demonstrating:

Egypt’s highest appeals court upheld death sentences for 12 people, including a number of senior Muslim Brotherhood figures, following a “mass trial of 739 people over their participation in mass anti-government sit-ins in Cairo’s Rabaa al-Adawiya square” in 2013:

An open letter “written by and for journalists” is calling on the news industry to stop “obscuring Israeli occupation and the systemic oppression of Palestinians” in the media:

Saudi Arabia executed a young man who was convicted on charges stemming from his participation in an “anti-government rebellion by minority Shiites”:

Fear as well as anger continue to rise in Indian-occupied Kashmir following the imprisonment of a man whose only crime was stating that he has,  “more expectations from local officers than non-locals”…

… a fair statement given the level of police brutality that frequently occurs in IOJK:

Switzerland and Iran both display cautious optimism on the status of negotiations:

“Two of the five board members have since resigned and more than three dozen former Sheaf contributors have signed an open letter condemning the decision to pull an article titled Photo Story: The Reality of Palestine by Aleshba Naseer from the website” of the student newspaper:

A petition charges that under Abbas, the Palestinian Authority has become dictatorial and the rights of Palestinians and their political struggle have regressed “and calls for rehabilitation” of the PLO:

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