News and Analysis 6/18/21

The case is postponed again despite time now, despite previously stating the case was, “too weak and that his legal opinion would be unable to prevent them from being expropriated”:

Recent reports indicate that Indian troops have “martyred 55 innocent Kashmiris” this year alone, while “357 innocent people have been killed by brutal Indian troops” since the beginning of “the ongoing military siege imposed by Narendra Modi’s Hindutva nationalist administration”:

The charges carry a maximum sentence of only 12 years despite the fact that the victim was shot Hallaq “in the stomach when he had his back against a wall in a corner} and then “a second time in the chest while [he] was sprawled on the ground wounded”:

Myanmar’s security forces set ablaze a village in central Myanmar after clashing there with opponents of the ruling junta, leaving “at least two elderly people burned to death”, several village residents said on Wednesday:

Footage from an incident an early June shows “an Israeli soldier hitting a Palestinian with a rifle butt during his arrest, while another soldier is kneeling on a Palestinian man’s neck” as Israeli settlers assist the soldiers “by moving other Palestinians away from the scene”:

According to local sources, US backed QSD militants “carried out a raid and search campaign” before kidnapping “a number of civilians and taking them to an unknown destination”:

“The accusation brought by the Uttar Pradesh police is based on absolutely no tangible element and clearly amounts to judicial harassment” — Reporters Without Borders:

Against what many experts predicted, the Iranian economy significantly expanded in the latest fiscal year, though “CBI reports GDP growth to be much higher than that announced by SCI”:

“Under the terms of the deal, announced by Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s office, the PA agreed to give Israel a reciprocal number of doses from one of its own shipments due to arrive later this year”:

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