News and Analysis 6/22/21

Israeli security forces continue their brutal assault of protestors asking for nothing more than their ancestral homes and basic human rights, injuring twenty in Jerusalem and hospitalizing forty protestors in the village of Beita:

“The semi-official Iranian news agency YJC agency said on Tuesday the U.S. move ‘demonstrates that calls for freedom of speech are lies'”:

As Israel forces “Gaza’s Pepsi bottling company … to halt operations” the U.N. shows “no indications of intentions to solve the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip”:

Iran’s President-elect Ebrahim Raisi said there were “no obstacles” to resuming diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia …

… although he won’t negotiate over ballistic missiles (even if the U.S. and /israel offered to give up theirs?):

The Taliban have conducted a wave of offensives in Afghanistan’s north in recent days, moving beyond their southern strongholds as international forces withdraw:

“I think if you can see yourself in an experience like family, friendship, teamwork or sports — universal experiences — I really believe that’s one of the ways that we can build bridges of understanding and really counter those negative stereotypes with children”:

24 year old Aijaz Dar (the sole brother to his three sisters, with [a] paralyzed father, … the only bread earner in the family”) was lynched by Hindu extremists (reportedly “cow vigilantes” who have been active in the area for a while) on his way home after purchasing a buffalo:

Though the US and the rest of the West may have considered Israel “a geopolitical asset” in the past, continual support of an occupation state that practices apartheid courts moral downfall and humiliation before the international community:

Lacking support of the Palestinian people, the PA survives as a tool for Israel and the international community “to maintain the so called status-quo” by providing “stability” by paying salaries to “tens of thousands of Palestinians, and policing their communities in service of the Israeli army”:

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